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An Update

ashash1509 aOwner posted Jan 6, 18

(Copied from Discord channel)

Hey all. I'm posting this here so if it generates a discussion it can take place. I think the end is in sight for this journey.

As of now, the website costs me 8.99 a month and the additional server for what was going to be a community project 9.99. I have paid this fee mostly out of my pocket. As someone who is now buying a house and still paying off a wedding, I can not afford to do this anymore.

This does not, however, mean the end for SS. I am happy to keep this Discord going and the main server is paid for until October 2018. I am sure @bluetheta will continue to update it as will I when I get my breaks from my very busy job.

All that would cease to exist would be a fully functioning site (It would revert to the free plan and I'm not even sure how basic it would become), this discord, the main server and most importantly the small community and those of us who pop by every now and again to say hi.

I don't want to kill it off completely but obviously come October, if funds cannot be raised to pay for another two years the server would also terminate but we would still be left with ways to keep in touch. I've tried my best as have so many of you. Real life takes over sadly and as someone who can end up working up to 80+ hours a week, sacrifices have to be made.

I do play Minecraft now and again and have got back into more recently with just simple survival. I'm happy to share some servers I play of if any of you want it. Likewise, I'm happy to try and arrange a time for a reunion on SS should people want it. Afterall, I have this game to thank for a lot of things in my life- my wife, lifelong friends and great acquaintances that I love to hear from now and again when they pop by.

Sorry for the essay but thanks for reading and for anything you may or will contribute to my involvement with MC.

Proposed timeline of events:
January 2018 - Revert website to free plan and cancel additional server used for projects. Discord and server will continue as now.

October 2018 - Bill will be due for the server ($200 for 2 years taking us into October 2020) If paid, server, discord and the free site will continue. If not paid, the server will terminate and discord and the free site will be used as a legacy.

RuxpinTheIlliop Hey Ash, I want to recommend a service that you could use for the server. It is very cheap and it is powerful. It is cal...

Voting system updated

bluetheta ManagerULTIMATE posted Sep 21, 17  -  daily rewardsvote

The voting system has been improved

You will now recieve one vote key per site voted, so if a site goes down you can still get vote rewards regardless. The top voter is now automatic, so there should be an automatic awarding at the end of the month (based on server time). There is a change to the top voter levels though in regard to SS Points:

  • 1st place - 50,000
  • 2nd place - 25,000
  • 3rd place - 10,000

All top voter will stile recieve the top voter shard for the top voter crate. There is a special cumulative bonus for 120 votes (approx. 60 days of votes based on the two working sites now), which will award a one time top voter shard to encourage voting.

Also there is the daily reward, you get big rewards as you get closer to your 30th day of daily log ins. Just pop in for a few minutes each day!


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